Introduction to SPACE HUB

SPACE HUB allows you to design the ultimate 3D immersive listening experience. Using up to 128 outputs, create 3D audio mixes using object-based or channel-based mixing.

Our 19”/3U state of the art immersive processor features highly advanced spatial audio algorithms for positioning and movement of sound objects. Up to 128 audio sources can be rendered into 128 outputs to create 3D immersive listening experiences.

Just some of the uses include theatres, musicals, houses of worship, live venues, concerts and production studios. SPACE HUB is an integral part of SPACE Immersive System Solution.

Meticulously design your 3D mix using the SPACE HUB Control application. Mix, automate, experiment, all in a totally immersive environment at your fingertips. The intuitive interface allows for reliable control and monitoring of the SPACE HUB processor. SPACE HUB Control is optimised for both macOS and Windows, and works on both tablet and native interfaces.

Automate the sound, and listen to your audio move, evolve, and come alive in real time. The available plugins (VST3, AU, AAX and AAX-DSP) provide automation and control to enhance your production workflow for 3D sound. SPACE HUB revolutionises how artists, producers, and engineers can build their mix in the 3D space, with X, Y, and Z axes.

Take the audience inside your story in the most authentic and emotive way. Object based audio production is not limited to a specific speaker setup, Use SPACE HUB Control to assist in diverse configurations from small setups up to 128 loudspeakers. Unparalleled flexibility.

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