Processing Page

Processing Page

Speedy control of your signal flow and panning for every single Object.

The Processing Page offers options for adjusting the signal flow and Panning Algorithms for each Object. Buttons above a column can be clicked to toggle the state of the entire column, so you can quickly change all Objects at once if you need to.

The following options are available:

  • Algorithm the Panning Algorithm can be selected for each Object on the Processing Page as well as in the Objects View

  • Delay this column displays the Delay that is applied to the Object by the Processor to perfect the audio phase

  • HF Absorption activate high-frequency attenuation as an Object’s distance is increased

  • Distance Gain activate gain attenuation as an Object’s distance is increased

  • Direct mute the Object’s Direct signal, leaving only the Reverb part

  • Early & Cluster activate Early & Cluster Reflections for this Object

  • Late activate Late Reverb for this Object

  • Lock to Speaker lock the selected Object to a Speaker, this will deactivate Panning for the Object and route it straight to the Output