Control Page

Objects Tab

Objects Tab
The following Object Control inputs are available:
  • Isolate Disables all Control inputs except for the SPACE HUB Control User Interface

  • Snapshot Activates Snapshot recall for this Object

  • Desk Activates Control from a mixing console

  • Stagetracker II Activates Control from TTA’s Stagetracker II system

  • Plugin Activates Control from the DAW through the CODA SPACE HUB Plugin

  • OSC number Defines the OSC ID that is part of the address for this Object (e.g. /source/{OSC ID}/…)

Snapshots Tab

Snapshots Tab
These options can be configured for each Snapshot:
  • MIDI ProgChange Assigns a MIDI Program Change number to this Snapshot

  • OSC ID Defines the OSC ID that is part of the address for this Snapshot (e.g. /snapshot/{OSC ID}/…)

  • MTC Active Activates MIDI Timecode trigger for this Snapshot

  • MTC Defines the Timecode at which this Snapshot should be recalled

  • Fade Active Activates a Fade for this Snapshot

  • Fade Time Defines the Fade Time for this Snapshot

  • Reverb Trigger Activates Reverb Preset Recall for this Snapshot

  • Reverb Preset Defines the Reverb Preset that will be recalled when loading this Snapshot