Downmix Page

Downmixing gives you another great tool to route the sound to subwoofers, fills, and simplified audio setups.

The dropdown menus let you assign hardware outputs to the individual downmixes. Outputs that are already occupied by either a speaker or another downmix are blocked and can not be selected.

You can retain control of all the levels, gain for each individual downmix can be adjusted using the trim fader next to the output selectors.

Downmix Page

Downmix your sound so that it can be listened to on other systems. SPACE HUB Control features a reliable and intelligent feature to create automatic Downmixes:


Stereo Downmix of all loudspeaker outputs. The LR Focus slider can be used to emphasize Objects in the Front or in the Back of the room, depending on what is best for the Downmix you are creating.


Mono Downmix of all loudspeaker outputs, including Reverb.


Mono bus with adjustable Aux Send per Object (LFE Parameter). The LFE Parameter is saved and recalled with Snapshots. This Bus does not include Reverb.


Pre Fader Listen Solo Bus


The right-hand side of the Downmix page is dedicated to the SPACE HUB’s Binaural downmix.

An impressive head-tracking function can be used to keep objects where you want in the mix, relative to the sound, even as you move around. Objects move relative to your own position, or the position of an actor in a show, for instance.

Head tracking requires a sensor such as the Supperware Head Tracker 1 to be attached to your headphones.

Lower on the Downmix page is an equaliser with tuning filters known from LINUS Control, to adjust the frequency response of the headphones. This EQ only affects the Binaural output, not the other Downmixes.

At the very bottom you can select the hardware outputs on the processor and adjust the output level for the Binaural Downmix.