Speakers Page

Speakers Page

Load a System Optimiser file, download your current setup, or tweak your speaker setup manually to create the perfect audio environment, meticulously prepared and even phase aligned for your audience.

  • Load System Optimiser File Import Speaker Setup from System Optimiser Export (.json file)

  • Download From SPACE HUB Download current Speaker Setup from Processor into SPACE HUB Control

  • Add Add a Speaker to the Setup manually

  • Remove Remove selected Speaker from the Setup

  • Export Speaker File Export current Speaker Setup for reuse in new Projects

  • Send to SPACE HUB Upload Speaker Setup into Processor

Speakers can have different Functions in a setup:
  • Front Frontal Speaker which is used for Panning and feeds the Fill Speakers

  • Immersive Speaker which is used for Panning but does not contribute to the Fill Speakers

  • Fill Fill Speaker which is fed from the Front Speakers

  • Sub Subwoofer which is not used for Panning. No Signal or Output will be assigned.