Settings Page

Project Tab

Project Tab

The Project Settings Tab contains options for configuration and integration.

Project Column:
  • Number of Objects Use this to add or remove Objects as needed

  • Max Distance This determines the maximum distance Objects can have. Incomming normalized ADM-OSC commands are scaled by this value

  • Solo Mode Switch operation of Solo Buttons between SIP (Solo in Place) or PFL (Pre Fader Listen)

  • Safe Safe Mode locks part of the User Interface to prevent accidental changes during a live show

Network Column:
  • Plugin Interface Selector Select the network interface that is in the same network as the SPACE HUB Plugins when the DAW and SPACE HUB Control run on separate computers

MIDI Column:
  • MIDI Input Selector Select the MIDI Input that will receive MTC and MPC messages

  • MTC Offset Add an offset to the incoming MIDI timecode

  • MPC Range Adjust the MIDI Program Change range to either 0-127 or 1-128 to match incoming messages

Engine Tab

Engine Tab

Connections to the SPACE HUB Processor are configured in the Engine Settings Tab. Two Processors can be connected simultaneously for redundant setups. They will both receive the same control data at the same time, so their outputs can be switched over if any problems arise.

The following actions can be performed in the Engine Tab:
  • Engine Interface Selector Select the network interface that SPACE HUB Control should use to connect to the Processor

  • Primary SPACE HUB Selector Select a Processor as your Primary SPACE HUB

  • Secondary SPACE HUB Selector Select a Processor as your Secondary SPACE HUB

  • Rename To rename a Processor, first connect to it as either Primary or Secondary. Its name will appear under the Selector and you can double-click to edit and then hit the Rename Button. Below this you will find additional information about the Processor, like its network settings, software version and license tier.

  • Copy Info In order to upgrade the Processor and unlock additional outputs, click the Copy Info Button to copy the machine identifier to your clipboard. You can then paste that text into an email to your CODA AUDIO distributor so that they can send you an updated license file.

  • Upload License Once you have received a new License file for your Processor, you can upgrade your SPACE HUB using the Upload License Button.

  • Save Log File If you are having any trouble with the SPACE HUB Control software or with your SPACE HUB Processor, please use this button to collect a file with detailed information for the Tech Support team.