List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts in SPACE HUB Control


Key Commands


Next/Previous Object

[Up/Down Arrow]

Select Next/Previous Object

Next/Previous Snapshot

[Left/Right Arrow]

Select Next/Previous Snapshot

Load Snapshot


Load selected Snapshot

New Project

[Cmd/Ctrl + N]

Start a new SPACE HUB Project File

Open Project

[Cmd/Ctrl + O]

Open a SPACE HUB Project File

Save Project

[Cmd/Ctrl + s]

Save a SPACE HUB Project File

Save Project As

[Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + S]

Save a SPACE HUB Project File under a new file name

Top View

[Cmd/Ctrl + 1]

Switch the Floor to Top View

Back View

[Cmd/Ctrl + 2]

Switch the Floor to Back View to show Elevation

Open Meters Window

[Cmd/Ctrl + 0]

Open SPACE HUB’s Meter Window

Object Page


Switch to Objects Page

Snapshots Page


Switch to Snapshots Page

Processing Page


Switch to Processing Page

Control Page


Switch to Control Page

Groups Page


Switch to Groups Page

Reverb Page


Switch to Reverb Page

Downmix Page


Switch to Downmix Page

Speakers Page


Switch to Speaker Page

Setting Page


Switch to Settings Page

Lock to Speaker

[Cmd/Ctrl + L]

Toggle locking of selected Object to closest Speaker

Panic Button

[Cmd/Ctrl + P]

Send entire state to SPACE HUB, clear Solo and Test Tone