Release Notes

CODA SPACE HUB changelog

0.5.4 (February 2022)

  • New Reverb Engine with Presets and Snapshot Control

  • New Speaker Functions for adding Fills with localisation

  • Added option to download the speaker layout from the SPACE HUB Processor

  • Added option to generate and export log files

  • Additional Warnings and confirmation dialogues

  • Various Bugfixes and Performance Improvements

0.5.3 (January 2022)

  • Added MTC Snapshot Trigger

  • Added TTA Stagetracker II integration

  • New Back View for Elevation display

  • New Panning Algorithms LBVBAP and LBVBIP

  • Added option to manually add/remove Speakers

  • Support for redundant SPACE HUB setups

  • Improved Support for computers with multiple network interfaces

  • Various Bugfixes and Performance Improvements