Stagetracker II

For your visual tracking, and stunning realism, you can integrate with TTA’s Stagetracker II. The system lets you link the movement of objects with the audio source, automatically moving sounds according to their position on stage. Sound can track and follow actors or speakers for a stunning level of immersion.

Stagetracker control for an Object can be enabled on the Control in the Objects Tab. Since the Stagetracker system sends position data continuously once connected and thus overwrites all other inputs, Stagetracker control can not be combined with other control inputs like Plugins or Snapshots.

No additional network settings need to be adjusted for the systems to connect to each other. Both the computer running SPACE HUB Control as well as the TTA Stagetracker II Core have to be in the same network with suitable IP address ranges and Subnet Masks to allow communication between them.