Snapshot View

Snapshot View

Quickly and easily recall different settings and workflows as a snapshot, perfect for making changes on the fly and setting up scenes for a production.

The Snapshot View exchanges the Object list on the left side of the Workspace for a Snapshot list. The currently selected Snapshot is marked with a green frame, while the currently active Snapshot has a green bar on its left. Snapshots can be renamed by double-clicking their name in the list. Additionally, the Fade time and Timecode for each individual Snapshot can be edited in this view.

Below the Snapshot list there is a set of buttons which can perform the following actions:

  • Load load selected Snapshot

  • New create a new Snapshot

  • Delete delete selected Snapshot

  • Save save selected Snapshot

  • Edit show selected Snapshot without loading it on the processor

  • << select and load previous Snapshot

  • >> select and load next Snapshot

Additional options for configuring Snapshot Recall can be found on the Control in the Snapshots Tab.