Control Page

Objects Tab

Objects Tab
The following Object Control inputs are available:
  • Isolate Disables all Control inputs except for the SPACE HUB Control User Interface

  • Snapshot Activates Snapshot recall for this Object

  • Desk Activates Control from a mixing console

  • Stagetracker II Activates Control from TTA’s Stagetracker II system

  • Plugin Activates Control from the DAW through the CODA SPACE HUB Plugin

  • OSC number Defines the OSC ID that is part of the address for this Object (e.g. /source/{OSC ID}/…)

Buttons above a column can be clicked to toggle the state of the entire column, so you can quickly change all Objects at once if you need to.

Snapshots Tab

Snapshots Tab
These options can be configured for each Snapshot:
  • MPC Assigns a MIDI Program Change number to this Snapshot

  • OSC ID Defines the OSC ID that is part of the address for this Snapshot (e.g. /snapshot/{OSC ID}/…)

  • MTC Active Activates MIDI Timecode trigger for this Snapshot

  • MTC Defines the Timecode at which this Snapshot should be recalled

  • Fade Active Activates a Fade for this Snapshot

  • Fade Time Defines the Fade Time for this Snapshot

  • Follow Active Enables a snapshot to follow this one

  • Follow A drop down to choose the follow on snapshot

  • Follow Wait A time to wait before follow on snapshot is activated

  • Reverb Trigger Activates Reverb Preset Recall for this Snapshot

  • Reverb Preset Defines the Reverb Preset that will be recalled when loading this Snapshot

  • Recall Scope When clicked a window will appear that enables the selection of Objects and parameters within Objects to be recalled when loading a snapshot

Snapshots Scope

Looking at the bottom of the Scope Window:

  • Set All Sets all the parameters for all Objects, enabling complete recall

  • Clear All Clears all the parameters for all objects, disabling recall of any parameters

  • Copy All parameters of all Objects will be copied

  • Paste Paste all copied parameters into a Snapshot

  • Toggle Row On each click of this button toggles the parameters of a selected Object between all set and all cleared